PDC Drill Bits Workshop In Egypt

I n 2014, Middle East Supplies FZC established an independent repair bit shop to provide to repair PDC bits through cooperation with Napesco Egypt.
The bit repair shop is equipped with the state of the art local and western equipment to ensure efficient repair process. We are using world leading cutters suppliers and our experienced staff is well trained in the US. Our highly qualified specialists have completed extensive training in a major U.S. PDC Drill Bit Company.

Repair services include:

  • Bit inspection
  • Matrix and steel body bit repairs
  • Matrix repair
  • Gauge repair
  • Cutter replacement
  • Cutter rotation
  • Hardfacing

By choosing our company, you will benefit from cutting the cost of your operations.

The benefits include:

  • Being an independent workshop enable us to repair drill bits of any manufacturer
  • Repair cost is approximately 30% of the price of a new bit
  • Avoid of export and import customs formalities and duties
  • Decreased transportation costs
  • Excellent service
  • Local content